Technologies and Applications

Ferrian Sales represents state-of-the-art technologies customized for your unique applications. These are some of the technologies and applications we can provide:

RF Solutions

Products and technologies enabling both low frequency and high frequency applications with actives, passives, substrates, and assembly.

Who We Represent
MegaPhaseVarioPrint AGSemiGen
IMSBH Electronic3D Glass Solutions


Providing design services, packaging substrates, and assembly services.

Who We Represent
Trusted Semiconductor SolutionsAdTechSemiGen
VarioPrint AG3D Glass Solutions

Radiation Hardened Electronics

Strategic RadHard, design services, semiconductors, packaging, and standard products. 

Who We Represent
Trusted Semiconductor SolutionsSkywaterAdTech
Avalanche Technology

Foundry Services

ASICs, TSV interposers, power semiconductors, Au-fab processing and more.

Who We Represent
Trusted Semiconductor SolutionsSkywaterAvalanche Technology


Solutions including testing/upscreening, recreates and form/fit/function replacements. 

Who We Represent
Trusted Semiconductor SolutionsBH Electronic
IMSAvalanche Technology

Substrate Solutions

Flex and rigid-flex PCBs and rigid substrates (PCB, AlN, HTCC, Glass, Silicon, etc) utilizing thin film, thick film, and direct bond copper with plating solutions such as ENEPIG, EPIG, ENIG, ESIG, and more.

Who We Represent
VarioPrint AGVario-Optics
AdTech3D Glass Solutions


Electro-optical technology which enables silicon photonics, photonic sensing, and high-speed data communication.

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3D Glass SolutionsVarioPrint AGVario-Optics

Power Electronic

Custom and standard solutions covering components, substrates, semiconductors, cable assemblies and thermal management solutions.

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InterLnXAvalanche Technology
IMSBH Electronic

Connectors, Cables, and Assemblies

AS9100 cable and wire-harnesses, RF connectors for the most challenging applications.

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Precision metal stampings, automated mechanical and welded assemblies of unique metals.