Spotlighting AVNA’s Rebrand: Pioneering Cutting-Edge Medical Innovation

AVNA, formerly known as OKAY Industries, recently underwent a transformative rebranding, marking a significant milestone in their 112-year legacy of engineering and manufacturing excellence. This shift to AVNA, an abbreviation for “Advanced Innovation,” signifies a renewed dedication to precision, innovation, and excellence in global healthcare. With this evolution, AVNA’s expertise in medical component manufacturing and two-shot plastic overmolding comes to the forefront, demonstrating a commitment to revolutionizing the landscape of medical device solutions.

Unrivaled Medical Component Manufacturing

AVNA’s state-of-the-art facilities and diverse engineering teams embody excellence in medical component manufacturing. Their comprehensive suite of services covers intricate manufacturing processes, ensuring precision, quality, and innovation across various domains:

  • Precision Stamping and Machining: AVNA’s expertise in precision stamping and machining technologies enables the creation of intricate medical components with unparalleled accuracy—fundamental in producing critical medical devices.
  • Sophisticated Laser Processing: Leveraging cutting-edge laser technologies, AVNA facilitates intricate processes like welding, etching, marking, and surface treatments, crucial for components with fine details and robust properties.
  • Advanced Plastic Injection Molding: AVNA’s proficiency in plastic injection molding ensures the fabrication of high-quality, complex medical components with diverse shapes, sizes, and materials, catering to diverse medical device needs.

Expertise in Two-Shot Plastic Overmolding

AVNA’s mastery in two-shot plastic overmolding is pivotal in their innovative approach to the medical device industry:

  • Revolutionizing Medical Device Components: Two-shot plastic overmolding allows AVNA to combine different thermoplastics into a single molded component, streamlining assemblies and reducing overall component numbers.
  • Enhanced Functionality and Design: This technology enables AVNA to create medical device components with versatile designs, including movable segments, rigid substrates with soft grips, vibration or acoustic dampening, and intricate features, enhancing overall device performance.
  • Optimized Manufacturing Efficiency: AVNA’s expertise in two-shot plastic overmolding streamlines manufacturing by reducing component numbers and enabling multi-material integration, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reduced production costs.

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