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Ferrian Sales represents a variety of suppliers located in the USA and Europe. We provide state-of-the-art technologies used in  customized designs and unique applications.


Finding Solutions

We assist customers in finding solutions that accommodate a variety of technology challenges such as size restrictions, broad temperature or other environmental conditions, long term reliability requirements and the endless task of adding more function with smaller devices.

What We Do

State-Of-The-Art Technologies

We work with companies that are leading the way in innovations and state-of-the-art technologies that can be customized for your unique applications.

Who We Represent

Expert Team

We bring expertise in military, space, avionics, implantable medical devices and unique industrial applications and have a reputation as a reliable supplier and partner to our customers.

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Technology and Application

Ferrian Sales represents state-of-the-art technologies customized for your unique applications. These are some of the technologies and applications we can provide:

RF Solutions

Products and technologies enabling both low frequency and high frequency applications with actives, passives, substrates, and assembly.

Power Solutions

Custom and standard solutions covering components, substrates, semiconductors, cable assemblies and thermal management solutions.

Foundry Services

Custom ASICs, TSV interposers, power semiconductors, Au-fab processing, wafer probing and more.


Whats Happening in the Industry

New Representation in the Sun Belt!

New Representation in the Sun Belt!

Welcome Ferrian Sales & Associates! Stroudsburg, PA, — July 12, 2022— MegaPhase is excited to announce the partnership with Ferrian Sales & Associates! Ferrian Sales will be representing MegaPhase and supporting our customers in Arizona, New Mexico, Clark...