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Ferrian Sales represents a variety of suppliers located in the USA and Europe. 

Technologies and applications include RF devices, power electronics, microelectronics, packaging substrates, custom ASICs, RadHard devices, obsolescence mitigation, and more.

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions provides comprehensive semiconductor solutions including design, fabrication, packaging, test, and inventory management. We specialize in high-reliability microelectronics for military/defense, space, industrial, and avionics applications. Our solutions enable program life extension through legacy part replacements, advanced radiation-hardened semiconductors for next-generation aerospace systems, and miniaturization of electronic systems for size, weight, area, and power (SWAP) improvements. DoD Category 1A Trusted Accreditation for design and aggregation services.

3D Glass Solutions

3D Glass Solutions provides high-performance 3D RF and Photonic Passive Components. This includes Glass interposers, Antennas, RF discrete components, IPDs and Photonic solutions.. 3DGS is used in IC packaging, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Medical Devices.


InterLnX specializes in the manufacture of Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies. AS9100 certified.


ITAR manufacturer of High-Density Interconnect flex, rigid and rigid flex PCB. Leader in high frequency RF PCB’s, up to 100Ghz


IMS is a premier manufacture of Thick Film chip resistors and attenuators. IMS offers non standard sizes and dissimilar terminations with values from .001 ohm to 2T ohm.

Avalanche Technology

Avalanche Technology is the industry leader for discrete and embedded MRAM. This non-volatile memory technology provides many benefits over other NVM’s, specifically lower latency, ultra-low power, infinite endurance, high performance, and small form factors.

BH Electronic

BH Electronics designs and manufactures custom and standard transformers, inductors, filters, baluns, chokes, assemblies and related devices.


AdTech provides manufacturing capability for multilayer co-fired electronic packages. Materials include Alumina (HTCC), Aluminum Nitride, Pt-HTCC. Chemical Milling services available (step lids, leads, seal rings) in Kovar, Alloy 42, Spring Steel, Stainless Steel


Stellar supplies custom services for metallization on Alumina, Beryllium Oxide, Aluminum Nitride, or specialty ceramics using a variety of thick film, thin film, refractory and Direct Bond Copper metallization. Stellar also manufactures Micro-channel coolers (MCC) for active cooling solutions.


AVNA (formerly OKAY Industries) specializes in producing complex metal stampings, automated mechanical and welded assemblies. OKAY has a special expertise with titanium stamping and nitinol stamping services. R&D, product development with concurrent design and build, Production Proven Prototyping®
and rapid tooling services are also provided.

Vario-optics ag

Vario-Optics’ unique electro-optical circuit board technology combines polymer waveguides with a unique mirror system. This allows the coupling of light perpendicular to the PCB- surface.
The combination of both electronic and optical circuits in one unit leads to massive advantages compared to
conventional PCB technologies.


MegaPhase designs and manufactures high-performance radio frequency (RF) coaxial cables and connectors for (OEMs) that build advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, such as test instrumentation, defense electronics, homeland defense, satellites, broadband data, and communications systems.

MegaPhase’s industry-leading GrooveTube® technology is a unique cable design used in high-reliability applications, including test and measurement systems. Representing the first breakthrough cable technology in more than 20 years, this flexible, high-performance outer conductor is manufactured at the company’s 20,000 square-foot facility. MegaPhase manufactures high performance coaxial cables for high-power and phase-defined systems, including electronic warfare, telecommunications equipment and many other RF platforms on the ground, sea, air, and space. 

BGA Test & Technology

BGA Test & Technology is at the forefront of retinning and reballing technologies. Our processes meet all the quality criteria per GEIA-STD-0006 and the bga reballing standards required by both Military & Aerospace customers. Our innovative systems allows us to provide a cost-effective, high-quality, quick-turn solution. We have invested in the very latest technology, equipment and facility to meet all of our customers’ current and future needs.