Ferrian Sales and Associates proudly announces InterLnX’s latest milestone achievement: the prestigious IPC-A-620 Space Addendum Certification. This certification marks a significant advancement in InterLnX’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability, particularly in aerospace and space-grade manufacturing.

Elevating Standards for Space Applications

The attainment of the IPC-A-620 Space Addendum Certification underscores InterLnX’s steadfast dedication to meeting the stringent demands of the space industry. This specialized certification tailors the exacting requirements of IPC-A-620 specifically to the challenges inherent in space environments, encompassing additional criteria and rigorous standards necessary for space missions.

Empowering Future Customers

Unmatched Reliability and Performance:

For future customers engaging with InterLnX, this certification guarantees unparalleled reliability and performance in cable assembly and wire harness builds intended for space applications. The stringent criteria set by the IPC-A-620 Space Addendum ensure that each component manufactured by InterLnX adheres to the highest quality benchmarks, fundamental for the success of space missions.

Mitigating Risks in Extreme Environments:

Space missions encounter unique challenges, from launch vibrations to extreme temperatures and radiation exposure. The IPC-A-620 Space Addendum Certification assures that InterLnX’s products are engineered to withstand these harsh conditions, effectively minimizing risks and ensuring mission success.

Confidence in Compliance:

Aerospace industry clients demand strict adherence to standards. With this certification, InterLnX not only meets but surpasses these expectations, providing clients with the confidence that their products comply with the most rigorous quality and safety protocols.

About InterLnX

InterLnX stands as a pinnacle in the industry, delivering comprehensive services in cable assembly, wire harness builds, and electro-mechanical assembly. Their expertise spans across diverse industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, mining, municipal, utilities, and train/rail.

Partnering with InterLnX

Ferrian Sales and Associates takes pride in representing InterLnX, a company that consistently showcases excellence. With this recent certification, InterLnX fortifies its position as an industry leader, providing innovative solutions and unparalleled quality in cable assemblies and wire harness builds for aerospace and space applications.

For further information or collaboration opportunities, please contact:

Sean Ferrian: sean@ferrian.com