Stroudsburg, PA—March 22, 2023—MegaPhase is proud to announce that its Phase3™ cable assemblies were used in the LunIR Lunar Flyby Mission, jointly funded and developed by Lockheed Martin and Terran Orbital.

The LunIR mission “is a technology demonstration mission proving key technologies for a miniature infrared [IR] sensor in space. This sensor has numerous potential applications, including planetary science and Earth observation. LunlR will fly by the Moon as a secondary payload on the Artemis 1 mission to collect surface thermography. There is a water spectral feature in mid-wave infrared, so the LunlR sensor may be particularly useful to NASA to map the distribution of water on the surface of the Moon.” (source:

MegaPhase Phase3™ cables are lightweight and offer the absolute lowest loss possible without sacrificing flexibility or shielding effectiveness, making them ideal for applications such as the LunIR mission.

CEO Bill Pote remarks, “The entire team is very proud to be a part of this mission. It further solidifies that MegaPhase is a high-reliability player in the space market.”

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